Friday, May 16, 2014

Time to wake up!

Spring is finally here, and after a long winter we are ready to hit the road!

Our trailer is looking good after all the work Michael has put into it the last few months.  He stained and varnished all of the wood inside the trailer, the sealed some spots on the roof.  He removed the white vinyl on the ceiling, and after repairing some damaged spots painted the ceiling green.  It turned out that the refrigerator front panel easily slid out, so he painted that too.  He cleaned up the outside of the trailer, and painted the step and the tongue.

It is looking GOOD!

Tomorrow we head out for our first trip - two nights at Sequim Bay State Park.  Can't wait!  We already have a trip planned for next month, too.  And of course our long vacation in  September... so excited!!!

I shall report back soon.