Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh boy!

Not far from us there's an old drive-in theater, which in the past few years has become something of a trailer storage location.  I've always been fascinated by the supposed trailer graveyard, but haven't had a clue about what goes on there.  I alway figured they were just hoarding trailers for the apocalypse.  Turns out they're actually selling some, as I discovered on Craigslist. They had a listing for a tiny Fireball, too small and too rough for us.  But it gave me the open to get in touch.  We should be able to go poke around there soon to see what they have!

I'm excited.  Who knows what treasure lies sleeping in there?

Where old trailers go to die - or live in limbo

The Circus Drive In

Circus 1

Who knows what we'll find... who knows?  Will there be clowns there, living in the trailers?  It's the Circus Storage, after all...

I hope there are some clowns.


  1. Cool! Now we know! Do you have a # or email for them? Niffer wants to go take photos there and she is coming up next week.

  2. I answered one of his Craigslist ads, and said that trailer wasn't for us but we were curious what else he has and could we come take a look around? He said sure, and gave me his #. She could probably send him a message through Craigslist. I'll send you the link.