Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Trailerspotting - it's a bit like trainspotting, only there's no heroin involved.  No visible tracks on your arm, but the addiction is there.  Once you've got trailers on the mind, you're looking for them everywhere and noticing them where you've never noticed them before...

Last week when we returned from vacation, and began our second week or so of wanting a trailer (so badly, so badly wanting), I spotted this trailer just a few short blocks away from our house.  It must have arrived while we were gone, put in place to taunt me every day when I drive by to and from work.

What's this?  A trailer has appeared up the street from us!

Aristocrat Lo-Liner

An Aristocrat Lo-Liner, year unknown.  Just sitting there.  Winking at me as I drive by.  I'll be watching closely to see what the new owners do with it, if anything.  They don't mow their lawn much, or pick up their empty garbage can when it falls over in the wind (for days), and most recently they've left the windows of their pickup truck open... for days.

This isn't the trailer for us, but it's about the size we're looking for.

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