Monday, October 14, 2013

Actual camping...

I decided to search out more photos of trailers actually being used for camping - not just pretty little show pieces.  While looking for "working" trailers, I came across this little gem, a 1964 Aloha, traveling along the California coast.

Here's a spot I think I'd really like to visit myself!  Westport-Union State Park in California.  But where exactly is it?


Aha!  It's in Northern California, between Garberville and Fort Bragg, on Highway 1.  Sure is a beautiful campsite!


Before hitting the open coast our Aloha friend made a stop in the redwoods, spending a night at Humbolt Redwoods State Park.  It looks like such a cozy little trailer!  And another great campsite.  I'd like nothing more than to sit back and relax at either one of these sites and watch the world go by.


We've been talking about a trip down the coast to visit friends and family.  Now that we have our own trailer, there's no real excuse not to go!  We'll have to follow in the wheel ruts of this trailer and many others and plot a course for our travels.

2014?  Very likely.  Once I decide to do something, it tends to happen.

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