Sunday, October 13, 2013

Goodbye, weekend...

Well, here we are again as Sunday night winds down.  It was a fairly quiet weekend here, much appreciated after a few weekends and weeks of craziness.  We drove no further than the shop where we buy most of our meat now, the 3 Sisters Farm shop.  Twice.  Saturday we went to stock up on meat for the next couple of weeks, and then we returned home to a message that they had pig liver for us.  For Michael, that is.  I'll be eating salmon that night!  He's very excited, and we drove back down there today to pick up the pig liver.  For Michael, not me.

Even the girl at the farm store gave us funny looks when we came in to pick up our special order.  Ha!

Anyhow, yesterday on the way home Michael exlaimed "Fly agaric!"


Oh wow.  I've never seen these little devils in the bright red flesh.

Much larger than I expected!

They're creeping up on us!

I'm so excited!

But they aren't trailers, are they?  Maybe I should get a little teardrop and paint it like one of these.  That would be cute!  If I were inclined to give our trailer a theme (I'm not), fungus would be high on the list.  Along with clowns, or creepy dolls.  Fortunately for all of you, I'm not inclined to give our trailer a theme.

I did see a cute trailer while out on the dog walk today.  It passed us as we were walking, and I managed to catch the name as it drove by.

Ummm... what was it again?  It was a long walk, and I had to call 911 to report a guy passed out (dead?) on the sidewalk.  We didn't get too close, but it was obvious he needed some sort of assistance.  I see all sorts walking the dog around town these days.

I wracked my brain when I got home, and all I could remember is that it started with a "C" - I think.  I checked a couple of trailer manufacturer lists, and the name that jumped out was Cardinal.  I'm sure that was it!  I don't have a picture of the actual trailer that drove by, but it looked a lot like this ~

Vintage 1971 Cardinal Deluxe trailer

That little point in the back is a dead give-a-way.

Cute little thing, isn't it?

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