Monday, January 13, 2014

Books and trailers!

What a great pairing!

Okay - I know that's not a vintage trailer in the background.  But it's not a bad design for a Little Free Library.  I've been thinking it would be fun to have one at our house... perhaps modeled after our trailer?

Edit:  This morning I was able to find out more about the LFL in the photo above.

Jim and Karyl McClellan. Kannapolis, NC. people involved. Our T@B camper in the background is the inspiration for our LFL. We have books for children of all ages as well as novels and nonfiction. Most of the original books were books we had previously enjoyed while camping across the country. Our neighborhood has enjoyed the library and it is such fun to see people browsing the books! We are a small neighborhood but it seems to have brought us together a bit more.
Their library, and many others can be seen on the Little Free Libraries "Libraries of Distinction" Pinterest board.


That would work!


  1. How cool! I just e-mailed a link to your post to one of the founders of the LIttle Free Library - a man who is here in Madison WI where I live. I'm always amazed at where these little libraries pop up. There's even one at our favorite campground (Ledge Park, Horicon WI).

  2. Thanks Jeanne! The funny thing is, I've never seen one in person! The closest LFL to where I live (according to the map on their website) is about 30 miles away. I have this vague plan for landscaping the front yard with lots of edible plants, a driftwood fence, and a LFL. Last year was a bit of a bust (my husband broke his leg), but this year we're getting back on track. We'll see how it goes! I'm ready for spring to get here, but sadly I think I'll have to wait a little longer...