Sunday, January 5, 2014

I've returned...

Shame on me for not posting here for nearly two months.  Tsk tsk.  Perhaps I can blame the lack of interesting trailer action this time of year.  It's dark, wet, cold, and generally not conducive to doing much besides hunkering down inside with a warm drink and a book.

We've got the trailer covered and secured for winter.  Good thing too, because it SNOWED!  First time in almost two years.  We've also had some very rainy days.  Michael has been doing work off and on inside the trailer, and turning a heater on in there every few days to keep things dry.  We've got all the cushions and curtains stored here in the house too.


I've spotted a lot of interesting looking trailers, but I'm usually unable to snap a photo.  Walking a large dog or driving don't generally lend themselves to lining up a good shot.  That said, I did see an interesting trailer when we had the dog out at the park yesterday (it's been a beautiful sunny weekend here).

It's a Siesta, year unknown.  It has that 70's or 80's look to it, however.  Things really went downhill after the 60's.  Not the most thrilling of styles...



I feel like I'm done hibernating.  It must be the move into 2014 - I'm ready to look ahead to a great year of vintage trailer fun!


  1. I, too, was on a hiatus from blogging. Just good to see that you are back! Happy New Year!

  2. I figure it's good to take a break if you can't think of anything to say! No point in pushing it. I've been posting a lot on my other blog, which is pretty much whatever I feel like. Happy New Year!