Friday, September 13, 2013

A long day, a lovely night, then home...

One more night of our trip!  But first we had to travel the long slog down to HWY 2, through Leavenworth, and over Stevens Pass.  It was a beautiful drive, and at our first pit stop we were passed by three vintage trailers leaving the Winthrop rally - one of them an Aloha!

Our biggest concern was getting over the pass - I took it slow and steady, and only got honked at by a couple of jerks.  Sorry jackasses - nowhere to pull over, and I'm not about to blow up my engine so you can get home quicker!  We'll get a transmission cooler installed before next summer, and then we won't have the problem of worrying about the transmission.  We did have to stop just over the pass when the warning light went on, but only had to sit for a few minutes.  It was a lovely view!

Stevens Pass

Once we got over the pass it was smooth sailing.  We could have easily said "bag it" and headed straight home, but we had our last night paid for at Bay View State Park.  Not to mention, we just weren't ready to go home yet!

So close to home - back by the salt water, familiar smells and familiar plants.  Bay View State Park is quite nice - I can see us going there often for a quick getaway.  Just 25 miles (exactly!) from our doorstep, it's the perfect quiet spot for a relaxing weekend.

Bay View State Park


Bay View State Park

So beautiful!

We're discovering quickly that the parks all have very different characters.  This park had a lot of Canadians visiting, and they are friendly and outgoing.  The people next to us were playing the banjo and singing, and it was a very pleasant serenade through the evening.

I took a walk around the park without Syd - as one must do if one wants to take photos, and I found this tool sitting forlornly on a big log in an empty campsite.

I found this!

I'm sure it will come in handy some day!

Finally we got packed up, and did our first proper sewage dump on the way out of the park.  Oh, the joys of having a toilet!

I'm really glad we have a proper toilet.

Barely an hour later we were home.  It's always good to get back after a few days away - and the first shower is the best few minutes under hot water that ever existed!  Haha.

We can't wait to take the trailer out again soon!

Home at last!

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