Sunday, September 15, 2013

Actual camping...

Not long ago, on the Facebook site for vintage trailers, somebody posted a picture of their trailer out on some adventure.  The first comment posted was something to the effect, "It's so cool you actually take your trailer out and use it!"


Isn't that what they're for?  I realize some people treat them as little doll house toys to be fixed up and fixated upon, and that's their choice.  But these old trailers weren't always little showpieces, and probably have all sorts of stories to tell of their adventures in the past.  I dredged up a few photos of trailers in action...



1950's or 60's

Djupvik Öland Sweden 1964



Trailers are for camping!  We can't wait to use ours again.  It's in the throes of staining and varnishing inside though... it will be a while before we can breathe properly inside it.

Summer is over, anyhow...


  1. Yes, trailers are for camping! Which right there it says, for outdoor activities. Myself, I recall as well such lovely camping times with grandparents back in the day.. Would love to do it nowdays as well! Enjoy :)

    1. We camped with a tent trailer when I was a kid. Always loved getting out somewhere away from home for a few days. Still do!