Monday, September 23, 2013

Oyster Run, not so fun...

Well, it wasn't ALL bad.  Despite the rather crappy weather we still managed to enjoy ourselves, eat a good lunch, and do a bit of people watching.

In case you don't know, the Oyster Run is the largest motorcycle run held in the Pacific Northwest, and it's always held the 4th Sunday of September in Anacortes, Washington.  Usually the weather is great, and they get well over 30,000 bikers in town!  Such a spectacle.  Unfortunately this year a big weather front moved through - high winds and plenty of rain on the motorcycle parade.  By the time we got there, the rain was falling full bore and lots of the bikers were heading out.  Can't say that I blame them!

We saw all kinds of fun things, and do not fear - before the day was over we spotted an old trailer or two, on our way home.

We kicked off our fun at the Brown Lantern, with a drink and a bit of biker watching.  This fellow posed when he saw I was taking a photo, and then proceeded to show us that he had not broken his leg, but had lost two toes in a motorcycle accident.  Look closely!

Cheerful, despite losing a couple of toes in a biking accident


These two were out advertising a nearby bar.  They might look silly, but at least they had something to keep their heads dry!

Beer bottle advertising outfits

A typical dog altercation at a public event - leave them at home, people!  We never bring Syd out to something like this.  It just seems like it would be torture for most dogs.  Too much going on, food everywhere, and other dogs to drive them nuts!  Not to mention I'd like to enjoy the event, not spend the time dog wrangling!

This is why it's a bad idea to bring dogs out to events like this

Down on his knees to pray?  No - just down on his knees in a puddle.  Bummer.

Oh crap!  Right into the puddle

Normally I take a lot of close up shots like this one, but there just weren't that many bikes to look at this year!  And they were all wet.

Fringe and light

Did I mention the bikes were lacking in numbers this year?  Badly?  Looks like a ghost town down there!

Usually that end of town is packed full of bikes...

That's really kind of sad.  A lot of bikers probably stayed home to watch football instead.

We saw this great kitty on our way back to the car.  I'm sure it was happy there were less noisy bikes this year.

Grey cat on the stoop

But where are the trailers?  Where are the trailers you ask!  Never fear, I'm getting to that - we didn't see them until we were on the way home.  If you take one of the lesser traveled roads, you pass a little trailer park that in all honesty is a bit depressing.  It looks like people are living there permanently, and the condition of everything really isn't very good.  There's quite a variety of trailer types, sizes, and shapes.

It was a bit depressing to realize people live here permanently

I spy an old trailer!

That appears to be a Kit Companion, year unknown (1960's?) in the lower photo.  Close to the lakefront, and conveniently located next to the dumpster and porta-loo!

You can see the rest of my photos from the day here:  Oyster Run, not so fun...

If you are so compelled.  Cheers!


  1. I like to read these, much fun!
    And hope you do not mind: so much more readable here on a BLOG then on another social site where there is too much trash around (posting/showing/sharing there the links is fine), but one can read here in peace, FUN! :-)

    1. I'm glad you enjoy! It is quite a bit more peaceful here, isn't it?

    2. Indeed & agreed! Also these life-stories, aren't they fun to read them back in the future? Sure are they. Hugs

  2. What the heck? Are the seahawks really that important? hahaha I have never heard such a quiet Oyster Run. 4th weekend of September, huh? I thought for sure we went on October 2 one year. Alas, I must be mistaken. Yeah, you should sprinkle some magic trailer fairy dust on that park.

    1. Every now and then people were chanting "SEA-HAWKS! SEA-HAWKS!" Whatever.