Monday, September 9, 2013

First trip!

We did it!  We just completed our first trip with the trailer - 858 miles start to finish.  Are we MAD?  Apparently so.

But we survived.    We took everything slow and steady, and tried not to get too stressed out along the way - though there were moments!  The next few days I'll be posting about our trip, as I get my photos uploaded to Flickr and can appropriately document our experience.  I've managed the first day, so here we go...

We were headed to Yakima, so of course it was a bit of a long drive.  Over the mountains and through the woods, yadda yadda yadda.  Which meant stopping often of course.

Suddenly I feel very small...

We're so tiny!  I felt like I was towing a big hulk, and then we stopped at the rest area next to the big boys.  All right then.  A bit of perspective.

One thing we are lacking in our Durango is a transmission cooler.  It took a bit of learning, but now I know how to drive properly to handle the hills and not blow out the engine.  The first day was a bit touchy, however, and we sat a spell at the top of the pass to let things cool down.

Snoqualmie Pass

Sure was pretty up there!

We cooled off and headed down the east side of the montains - and were really glad not to be heading west!  This horrible traffic backup lasted for MILES!  At least five, if not more...

Wesbound traffic had a delay MILES long!


We finally trundled into the Yakima Sportsmans State Park, in Yakima (of course).  I should mention that on the way in we saw an osprey carrying a fish, which was easily identifiable  by it's fins and tail as it dangled from the osprey's talons.

I managed to back the trailer into our site, and we were good to go for a while.  We had dinner with Mom & Dad - did I mention it was 94 degrees?!!  UGH.  I was sweating just sitting in one place.

The big excitement for the evening was when Syd went barking after some creature in the dark, and dragged our little footstool off to the far side of the campsite... and knocked over the coleman lantern - broken.

He looks so innocent, doesn't he?  Haha.

Syd gets comfy in the trailer...

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