Saturday, September 21, 2013

Eye candy

Today was a big day - I hosted an author brunch event for teen summer reading winners, and in the afternoon we had a panel even open to the public.  It all went really well, but last night I slept poorly - waking often and having strange dreams.  Needless to say I'm a bit on the tired side tonight.  And my feet hurt!

I've decided to post a bit of eye candy tonight.  As you might guess, the logical step beyond a vintage trailer is to of course add a vintage towing vehicle!  Or vice versa, if you're somebody who started with the cars.  It's going to be a good long while before we can add a car, but it's fun to look!

Why not start with this lovely procession of cars and trailers passing by?  They could almost pass for a picture from the past, if it weren't for those two modern lurkers in the rear!

Travel trailers

Ooooh, look at this pair!  A 1956 Chevy and a Serro Scotty trailer.

'56 Chevy with vintage trailer and motorcycle

Here's a cute little trailer and a nice truck!

My Dream Camper

And our last photo for the evening - a Studebaker pickup and a 1961 Winnebago trailer.  The best thing about this photo?  They're CAMPING.  In a campground!

1961 Winnebago & Studebaker pickup truck

Oh.  Now that I look at the other pictures along with it, it's still a trailer rally of some sort.  But they're CAMPING!

Enjoy the sights... see you soon!

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