Tuesday, September 10, 2013


HOT!  We are just not used to such heat.  Good thing we didn't have to spend much time in the car!

 We stayed put in Yakima all day and another night.  Our first night in the trailer was good - the bed is comfy and we slept well.  Other than it being so HOT!

Before heading over to Mom & Dad's house, I took Syd on a nice walk while Michael puttered around the trailer.  It was quite nice, but HOT!  There's a nice trail system around the park.  We walked on just a short little bit, but look forward to exploring more of the trails when we visit again in the future.

Time for a walk!

Barbed wire

My view of Syd three times a day

Did I mention it was HOT?  We headed over to the land of air conditioning for a while in the afternoon, it was quite a relief.  Dad showed off his mutant zucchinis for us.  He let one go on purpose, but the other went wild while they were on a cruise to Alaska.  Crazy!

Dad and his ridiculous zucchini!

That's a gardener's nightmare, that is.

Life in a state park is interesting.  People run sprinklers...

Apparently, this is a thing - campers run sprinklers in their sites

The camp host is ready for anything!  At least at this park... he was the only host that actually did anything.

The camp host's rig

And there was one REALLY unhappy camper...

Unhappy camper

Poor little thing!  We had a good time sitting around visiting with Mom & Dad.  But a sudden - and I do mean sudden - wind storm came in and we had to dash indoors.  It was quite exciting.  We were very happy for the trailer, vs. a tent.  Heh.

Syd had one last adventure - he was on his tether and went chasing after something in the dark - his collar broke and he was running free for a few minutes!  Fortunately he came back quickly, and didn't get sprayed by a skunk (which Michael had seen just a short time earlier).

Disaster averted.

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