Monday, September 2, 2013

We have gas!

Errrr, propane that is.  Today we fired up the propane system, and you'll be glad to know nothing exploded.  We got the stove running, the propane lantern, and the fridge.  The fridge took a little work, and we even had to call the guy we bought the trailer from for a couple of pointers - but we did it.  Well - Michael did it.  He's the expert at figuring out how things work, and then he show me.  I pull things, hold things, and otherwise provide support in the process.  We're a good team.

Tomorrow is the last day before we leave, and I've got a list a mile long of things to run around and pick up, plus things to do here at home.  Today I did a lot in the garden, so our house caretaker won't have to water things that don't need to be watered.  Ha!

Vintage ice cube tray!

Speaking of water, we discovered we have a vintage ice cube tray in the trailer.  After Michael got the fridge running, he thought it would be great to fill it with water and make ice (we have a tiny freezer).  Shortly after he put the ice cube tray in the freezer, we notice a steady stream of water dripping from the fridge.


It's either the fact we weren't perfectly balanced (ooops, I meant level), or the tray has a leak.  I will investigate tomorrow.  But I feel like I should post this picture on Facebook as one of those "CLICK LIKE IF YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS!" posts.  Ugh.

We got some new potholders for the trailer, too!  My friend Christine makes these and many other very cool things, which can be obtained from her HERE.

New potholders from Kelpmaiden!

One last thing before I wrap up for today - I was out and about in town, stocking up on wine and other important things (as one does), and I spied this cute little trailer.  The holiday weekend has of course brought out everybody and their brother and their trailers, most of which are hideous boxes with no style.  But there have been a few gems.

Surfside Triple-E

A Surfside Triple-E, circa 1974-1976 (or thereabouts).  Cute!

All right then!  One more day before we hit the road.  I'll check in tomorrow evening after my frenzied day of preparations.


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