Sunday, August 11, 2013

A better day

Oh my goodness.  Yesterday was so much better than the day before.  We're still not completely sorted, due to an electrical issue in our car.  We have a 1999 Dodge Durango, which we got last November.  Back then, we had no inkling we'd be getting a trailer.  It appears that nobody ever towed anything with it, and it needs fixing!  So into the shop it goes tomorrow morning.

Anyhow, our itinerary for the day worked well, and went smoothly for the most part.  We added a couple of things last minute, including a stop to grab a couple of donuts from the local shop.  The woman ahead of my, who's toddler was getting a pink sugar encrusted donut they called  "princess donut" ordered something called a mocha round (and a large hazelnut latte).  The mocha round turned out to be a Bavarian creme donut infused with shots of espresso.

I'll take it!

Donut Master

We hit the road and headed for Camping World, the one and only place that had the sort of hitch we were after in stock.  We got there, found the guy we had talked to on the phone the previous evening, and he got us sorted in no time.  We had to join the Good Sam Club in order to get the sale price he promised us (online price plus the $80 shipping = $313 + $25 membership price < $379.99 regular price).  The guy was really hyper and stressed out and tossed in a 2 inch ball for free, and somehow the entire bill came to $322.  Hmmmm.  At this point one walks away and does not question the new math.  He actually said "the receipt will look really weird but I'm doing the right thing!"  I'll say.

The next stop was the credit union, nothing to report as removing money from one's account is rather straightforward and dull.

WAIT.  What - did we just join the GOOD SAM CLUB?  What are we becoming?  What's going on here?  Other than campground and propane discounts, and discounts at Taco Bell (as we were told), I'm not sure what benefits we get.  I guess we'll find out soon!

Where was I?  Oh yes - the next stop was the Dodge dealer that was holding the trailer relay that we needed.  While waiting in line as Mr. Juggalo Tattoo went on and on about the anomaly of his engine to the parts guy (tell it to the mechanic, dude) we noticed a couple of interesting things.  Hemi Powered BBQ Sauce!  And drag races nearby!  We are so there.

Wahoo!  Drag races nearby, on a day we can go!

It turned out the part they were holding for us was not the right thing - no surprise.  We finally got a relay that fit, so off we went to the trailer.

At last!

As expected, the electrics still didn't work.  A disappointment, but at least now we know what needs to be fixed.  We got the official sale details sorted though, and the trailer is OURS!  All ours.  I took some photos of it, here they are!

So pretty!


Love that tail bump!

The master suite

Look at that lovely metal backsplash!

The more we look at it, the more we love it!

Despite the electric issues, we were much happier with how the day went and we can go back and pick up the trailer when we're ready.  The guy we bought it from is really nice and understanding - and has plenty of room to store it until we can pick it up!

The last thing we had to deal with on the way home required another visit to Camping World, because the 2 inch ball was too tiny for our hitch.  A different guy helped us, and they found a ball with a bigger fitting that would more easily be switched to our hitch.  He disappeared briefly, and when he returned the job had been done!  Fantastic.  But when it came time to settle out, we had to explain that the ball we walked in with hadn't actually been paid for... he was a bit confused, and we didn't want the other guy to get in trouble.  Just pretend it never left the store...

And so we paid for the ball, and returned home - trailer owners but still without.

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