Friday, August 23, 2013


Once one has a trailer, one must find a destination!  Today we go to state parks, national parks, and RV parks - depending on what's available at our intended location and how much we want to pay.

But back in the day, "back in the day" (as they say), people hitched up their trailers and headed for trailer parks.  Or trailer courts.  Either way, a term we associate now with permanent living used to mean the same thing as RV park.  A temporary tourist destination.  At some point meaning and intention shifted, but the signs for these early parks are still out there - the shining beacon meant to lure the weary traveler in.

walnut trailer villa, west sac ca

El Rovia Trailer Village

Trailer Court - Northern California


Sunset Mobile Home Park

I bet these were quite the places in their heyday...

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