Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Trash

Tuesday already?

I was sitting in a meeting this afternoon, and we were discussing a blog I'm scheduled to write a couple of posts for this week.  All of a sudden I thought to myself - TUESDAY!  Trash day!  Time to bring out the decay.

So many trailers have been abandoned, just left to rot where they are.  Sad, yet beautiful in their own way.  Slowly crumbling to little bits of nothing - once loved, now lost.  Each has a story to tell, but we'll never hear those stories since the owners have long gone on to other things.  We're just left with images of human ingenuity, crumbling slowly as the seasons pass - wind, rain, searing heat and snow eating away at the edges until integrity fails and collapse occurs...

pinon canyon abandonment 2


Last Vacation


abandoned trailer. mojave desert, ca. 2013.


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