Monday, August 12, 2013

The big hitch switch

Which hitch?  This hitch switched out without a glitch.

Vintage trailer hitch

This hitch didn't fit the fitting on our Durango, and we wanted to upgrade to modern towing technology, so away it went!  We upgraded to this lovely hitch kit.

The Hitch

And we'll be able to tow anything we can possibly dream of!  Not to mention, should somebody rear-end me I'll be in great shape.  They won't!

We had the trailer towing electrical rewired today too - that should take care of everything!  Turns out there was an issue in "THE MODULE."  It has been fixed now.  Our plan is to pick the trailer up on Wednesday and bring it home.

Syd is wondering what the big deal is.

What's so great about this thing anyhow?

He has yet to learn how this adventure will improve his life.


  1. Just you wait Sid! Beastly hitch! I expect the adventure will improve all yours lives. And you can go darn near anywhere now in true trailer style. Plus you can eat all the canned ham you want.....or not!