Monday, August 5, 2013

Next up on the shopping block!

This lovely little 1967 Aloha travel trailer.  Looks well kept, clean, and in good overall shape.  Message sent and now we wait for an answer - IS IT STILL AVAILABLE?!!  I can't get too worked up waiting at the moment, since I sent the message well after 10:00 pm.  I can't help that we're night owls!

I don't know the location of this trailer, but based on how it was listed I think it's not too far away.  Perhaps this trailer owner will actually get in touch with us to let us know!  That last guy with the Shasta never got in touch, even after well-spaced email and voice messages.  Argh.  Bad Craigslist manners I guess.  You'd think they'd have the common decency to either pull the listing or put something on the voice mail greeting indicating that the trailer is sold.

Or maybe the guy is dead.  Who knows?  With no communication, all bets are off.  Maybe he decided not to sell the trailer and skipped town instead.

So on we go to the next possibilities.  It seems that there are new listings on Craigslist every couple of days or so, but I also feel like I'm looking at the same listings over and over again!  I'll click on something and see one of the pictures and think, "oh, I've seen that rotten wood before!"

It's pretty amusing fishing through Craigslist - there's some pretty crazy things!  Here's a little gallery of fun for your entertainment...

"Unfortunately somebody got a little "artistic" with the paint LOL"

(Everyone dreams of a stone faced exterior - but only the bold act on that dream)
That's a fabulous light fixture - I'll take it!

"The Ex left this vintage travel trailer behind."

(I'm pretty sure it was a gift of love)

This thing is so ugly they can't give it away!  It's been re-listed several times since I've started looking!

"Its in great body shape lots of room runs on battery's and propain."

(Staging lesson #1 - move your shit)

For every one listing that looks good, there are at least ten that make me run screaming!  It's pretty dam amusing though.  I'll be glad when we find our trailer, and I can stop looking at Craigslist.  Of course, I'll probably still look and post the nightmares that I find... it's my nature.

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