Friday, August 2, 2013

Let's try this again...

I swear, shopping for trailers quickly becomes an obsession, a sickness really.  I find myself on Craigslist several times a day, hoping for a new listing that might show promise.

Well - here comes another one!

1970 Shasta - with wings even!  Very clean, and obviously used well and loved.  The inside looks good, and the neutral coloring gives us a palette to play with as we see fit.  Porta potty included, and road ready!  Just the thing we're looking for.

Now, we just wait for the owner to get back to us.  I've sent a message, and if I don't hear back by 10 am tomorrow morning I'm going to give him a call.  They're looking for a good home for it, and I dare say we can provide it!

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