Monday, August 26, 2013


Whirlwind on Hauraki Plains

What's this?  I've been writing this blog for one month already?  ONE MONTH?!  Last week felt like one year, how could this be?

I demand answers.

How on earth did I decide I was tired of sleeping on the ground when camping and that I wanted a vintage trailer, convince Michael, search Craigslist, find the wrong trailer and not go look at it (twice), find the right trailer, look at it, enlist the help of my wonderful dad, buy it, run around fixing the electrics on our car, buy a hitch, bring the trailer home in a rainstorm with hazard lights instead of tail lights, cancel the first trip we planned, and plan a different trip ~


When did I sleep?

Not to mention work and pick beans from the garden?

I should also mention I joined and unjoined vintage trailer Facebook groups, read books, blogs, and various websites about vintage trailers, and somehow still managed to walk our dog three times a day.



I can't wait to take the trailer out on our first trip next week.  We still have a few things to do to get ready, but for the most part we're ready to roll.  I've been very particular about posting to the blog every day, but when we go on vacation that won't be the case.  It's vacation, after all, and for me that means shutting down the technology and touching dirt.  I do take a lot of pictures, so I'll be able to report back when we return.  I'm looking forward to writing about where we go in our trailer - that's what we bought it for after all!

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