Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today's distraction

We're still waiting to hear back from the 1970 Shasta guy, and in the meantime have found a nearly identical 1969 Shasta (no inside photos though).  While we wait, I thought I'd write about something completely different - good places to camp!

Tonight's entry is Fort Ebey State Park.  We've not actually ever camped there, since we live so close.  We do visit the park from time to time, and stopped in today to see an old college friend who is camping there for a couple of days.  It's beautiful!  Tall trees, and the campsites are well separated by the lush native plants that can't help but grow in profusion.  I have a few photos taken on our visits to hike around...

Creepy fire hydrant face

On the trail next to the gnarly trees

These are not the morels you're looking for...

There was a distinct lack of vintage trailers there tonight.  I figured this park might be a good place for us to take short one night trips for fun.  

FUN!  The point of getting a trailer in the first place.

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