Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eye Candy

I'm not going to lie - if money was no object, I'd rush right out and find my own Holiday House trailer.  I love the big window!  The beautiful aluminum features, so striking when polished!

Holiday House

The Holiday House trailers are rare indeed.  There are so few of them that I keep running across the same pictures no matter where I go online.

Holiday House

Oooooh.... aaaaaahhhhhhhh...

The Holiday House trailers were built by the employees of Harry and David (the fruit people!) during the off-season as a means to  retain skilled employees in the off season.

Fruit.  Trailers.

An obvious connection!


  1. Wow! Man, I thought the airstreams were cool, till I got a load of the Holiday House Trailers!. Harry and David? No wonder it's peach colored. I wonder if they have a Pear, an Asian Pear, and an ssortment of apples all in corresponding colors! I dig on the window too. It reminds me of a space station, or a look-out land rover from an early 60s sci fi movie, or one of those things that hangs from the center of the top of event venues, and then when you said Harry and David, I thought, of course! it looked like a Carny booth (Carny with a capital C), that sold fruit! Or better yet, Harry and David fruit! I'm reading a book about a lady and her husband who downsized and now live in an 82ft "house on wheels." After following your fun blog, that's lookin pretty good right about now........:)

  2. Man, that really is the sweetest trailer ever! That window!! I want one.