Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yeah, I know...

I've been obsessed with this trailer.  It's hard not to be!


The more time we spend in it, the happier we are.  The trailer appears to be mostly original, with only the slightest of modifications (crappy flourescent light, anyone?).  Almost zero restoration - just well taken care of!

What a score.

And that means we aren't going to do too much to it.  A bit of cleaning.  Oiling the wood, but no paint.  Lots of touch up work, some new cushion covers and curtains.  But not much otherwise!

We're very excited to both get to work on this trailer and start taking it out on camping adventures.  Soon!


  1. I Know! You could sell your house and move over to the Walmart parking lot and eat canned ham. Then you can retire early with all the money you save from having no mortgage or Michael's gourmet cooking from scratch! Oh Yeah!

    1. Hmmmm...

      I think I'd rather not live in a Mal-Wart parking lot unless it's an absolute emergency...