Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trailer flipping...

Wow.  Just wow.  We've just noticed something on Craigslist that's a bit disgusting.  We've been looking at trailers long enough to start seeing the same trailers pop up again very quickly on CL - and the new owners are asking just a bit more than the first sellers.

The first we notices was this lovely little gem up in Canada - a little beyond our budget, slightly small, but GORGEOUS!  Asking price was $2950 - not bad for the condition.

The listing is gone now, but last night we saw the exact same trailer for quite a bit more - no doubt it was the same trailer!  We were shocked to see it listed again so soon.

And today, it happened again.

Remember the silver spray-painted nightmare we were almost sucked into?


Rare 1968 Little Dipper Vintage Travel Trailer Camper - $2900 (Edmonds)

A little more info (including a brand name and year), a few more photos, a different location and $400 more dollars tacked onto the price.

Same crappy trailer!  Same spray painted tires!  Same painted stove and floor linoleum counters!  Totally different location...

"We just purchased this trailer and have had something come up so we cannot fix her up like we wanted!!"

What - in the ten minutes between when you bought the trailer and listed it, "something came up?"



  1. That's pretty weird. But I have seen this same thing happen at yard sales. Something I saw at the thrift store that week turns up at a yard sale for more money!

  2. I should not be so harsh. I blame the wine.

    It turns out the trailer we almost looked at was bought legitimately, but then the new owner had a crisis. Her sister is trying to help her fix it up, so they pulled the ad. Good luck to them!